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Play this treasure trove of 88 pearly white and black keys held by fingers belonging to ...

5 years old onwards


Music Theory

Defines a person of culture, schooled in an international rhythmic language. Is skilled to create, to compose, to comprehend the intellectual aspect of music.

8 years old onwards


Kiddy Music Course

- Nurture the love for music
- Develop musical sense
- Listen to stories of famous composers
- Learn about different instruments of the orchestra
- Immerse in a session of fun and musicd

3 to 5 years old


Violin Course

Fiddle with this string instrument and allow heavenly music from its belly to fill the air!!

6 years old onwards


Flute Course

Immerse in the soothing tone of one of the most melodic instrument of the orchestra. Watch your fingers flutter over the keys and be amazed by the sound your lips produced.

8 years old onwards


Guitar Course

Reflect your character by strumming and plucking your world through guitar strings. Compose and impress your way to people's hearts in a classical and acoustic way.

6 years old onwards



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2015 Calendar
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We are constantly looking for talented musicians
to join our family.

You need to possess
at least a diploma or degree
from a recognized conservatory or university.

If you share our teaching philosophy and believe that being a music teacher is your calling, do feel free to contact us via email to arrange for an interview.

Email: music@fimusch.com

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